In order to use these you will need Sim Show. You can get it from Maxis at www.thesims.com .



Chaz was gouged in the side while working for the police. He never recovered and was buried, but not for long!




Dan got lost by the tracks one day. Never to be seen again. Until now!



Granny, loved kids. She loves them now as she lurches from the grave!



Janice isn't the most stable of Sims. That's why she's dead.



Joe was a happy father. When he was cut to pieces by his best friend he still had a smile.



Kirk, a drug dealer by trade. He was shot in the chest, leaving a bloody pool under his corpse. Vowing revenge he claws his way up from death!



Oh Peg, a mother of 3. Died one night at 23!



Roger was a teacher in Sim City. He taught many people.

He taught his last lesson with a knife in his gut.



Sally was crossing the street. So was her x-husband, who had a colt .45 .



Sam was at the post office, delivering his mail. He led a happy life. A postal employee was there.

And he snuffed out Sam's poor life.



Yeah Steve,  he was the best, the coolest guy in town. Was cut to ribbons one night, and left in a river to drown.



Vicki worked at the power plant. One day, she tripped. And that was pretty much it. She's back, with a new glow about her.